Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"City Of"

Plot: In the first episode, we find Angel in a bar. He's pretending to be drunk to keep an eye on some vampires he's planning on killing. (One of whom is played by Sawyer, from "Lost.") When he confronts them in the alley, he has the coolest stakes that shoot out from the cuffs of his jacket. I want some of those!

So, Angel is living in Los Angeles, hiding out in an abandoned building during the day, fighting demons to try and make amends for his past wicked ways by night. Enter Doyle.

Doyle is a half-vampire, half-demon who tells Angel he's been sent to him by the Powers That Be. The P.T.B. speak to Doyle through visions he has, which occur as mind-splitting flashes. After telling Angel he knows all about him, which really serves to catch people up on the story of Angel in case they never saw "Buffy," Doyle has one of his visions and sends Angel out to protect a woman.

Turns out the woman is being harassed by a former boyfriend who is himself a vampire. Angel rescues her once from his clutches, but when she finds out Angel is a vampire, she runs away from him, and ends up getting killed. The vampire now turns his attention towards Cordelia.

Cordelia has come to Los Angeles to be a movie star. Things aren't going exactly according to plan. She's living in a dump and stealing food from parties to get by. She's lured to the vampire's home, but Angel rescues her at the last moment. The next day, Angel goes to take care of the vampire for good. He confronts him at his lawyer's office, where Angel pushes him out the window into the daylight.

At first, I thought the vampire was going to be the big bad that Angel would have to fight, his possible nemesis for the season. Actually, it's even better. It's the vampire's lawyers, Wolfram & Hart. We're introduced to Lindsay in this episode, one of the big stars at the firm. Bad lawyers, what a fantastic idea! What could be worse?

Casting of Note: Cutie Glenn Quinn, known best for his role as Mark on "Roseanne," plays Doyle. And the Irish accent is his own.

Quote: Cordelia: I finally get invited to a nice place with no mirrors and lots of curtains. Hey, you're a vampire.
Russell Winters: [caught off guard] What? Uh... no, I'm not.
Cordelia: Are too!
Russell Winters: I don't know what you're talking about.
Cordelia: I'm from Sunnydale. We had our own Hellmouth. I think I know a vampire when... I'm... alone with him... in his fortress-like home.

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