Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Rm w/a Vu"

Plot: Disgusted with her roach-infested apartment, Cordy goes to stay with Angel, where she immediately starts to drive him crazy, so he begs Doyle to find her a place of her own. Doyle finds her a gorgeous place she loves, but the low rent comes with a high price: there's a ghost.

Doyle is also having problems. The bookies have sent a demon to kill him. He no longer even has the option to come up with the money, they just want to make an example of him. Doyle hides out at Angel's place, too.

At first, Cordelia tries to pretend the ghost in her apartment isn't there. She doesn't tell Angel or Doyle, but as the ghost begins a more vicious campaign, she can no longer hide it from them. Angel pays Kate a visit at the station to get the story behind the apartment. It turns out, a lady died there in the forties, suspected to have been murdered by her son. Since then, there have been four suicides in the apartment.

Angel and Doyle rush over to Cordy's just in time to see her hang herself, having been talked into it by the ghost. They start an exorcism, but are interrupted when the bookie's muscle show up for Doyle. As the boys battle, Cordy has it out with the ghost. We find out the ghost wasn't murdered, but in fact, tied her son up and bricked him up in the wall. (She suffered a heart attack from the exertion.) The gang frees his skeleton from it's prison and it hauls the ghost off to hell.

Cordy gets to keep her place, although she now has to share it with the ghost of Dennis, a much friendlier poltergeist. (Who wouldn't want to hang around unseen to watch Cordelia shower?)

As Cordy, Charisma Carpenter shows in this episode she really has grown as an actress. Watching her go from crying and sniveling to standing up to the ghost and showing it her bitchiest side is fun to watch.

Casting: Beth Grant, the lipless actress who has appeared in such films as "Speed" and "Donnie Darko" has fun chewing up her scenes as Maude, the ghost.

Quote: Cordelia: This is easy. Little Old Lady ghost, probably hanging around because she thinks she left the iron on.

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