Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Lonely Hearts"

Plot: Doyle gets a vision that bad things are going to happen in a nightclub. The gang heads there to keep an eye out for trouble. Angel meets Kate, a pretty blonde who frequents the bar. Doyle manages to get in a bar fight, but there's no other sign of trouble. That they see.

What we see is a lonely woman go home with another customer. They wind up in bed together. The next night, the gang goes back to the bar, where one of the patrons is looking for his friend who never came home. The bartender tells him his friend had left the night before with a woman. Angel gets the woman's address and dashes off. In the meantime, the woman has picked up another guy, and we see a disgusting creature crawl out of her body and inhabit his. She's left a husk on the bed. Angel gets there just in time to see the alien run off in the guy's body, and Kate shows up just in time to think Angel murdered the woman.

Turns out Kate is Detective Kate Lockley, and she has been tracking the killer for weeks. Angel escapes from the apartment, and calls her a few days later to tell her he can bring the real killer to her. They agree to meet at the bar.

When Kate shows up, she's attacked by the bartender, who slept with the last person the alien was in. (The creature jumps from body to body, never able to stay for more than a day before the body begins to deteriorate.) Angel saves Kate and kills the alien. Now they're fast friends. And the show has just established his contact to the police.

Ewww: This alien is so gross. It has to be the most horrible of all sexually-transmitted diseases.

Quote: Cordelia: What's with those vision things of yours?
Doyle: Well, they're messages I get, from the higher powers, whoever they are. You know, it's my gift.
Cordelia: If that was my gift, I'd return it.

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